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My sanding and refinishing services are quoted at competitive market rates for the Pensacola area, but my differentiator lies in the outstanding quality of workmanship you'll receive.

Pensacola Sanding and Refinishing Floors

Perhaps you’ve considered sanding and refinishing, but you’ve been putting off the project because you lack the cash or time to manage the job. Or perhaps you’ve been dealing with other, more pressing remodeling projects.
The sooner you deal with the refinishing project, the better. Here’s why:

  • You can make an old, gritty floor look beautiful and almost new again;

  • You can reduce maintenance/replacement costs;

  • You can improve the aesthetic quality of the room, making it more livable and increasing the value of the property;

  • You can reduce the likelihood that the wood might splinter (and slice open someone’s bare foot!) or break down and become a harbor for pests like termites.

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